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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 19, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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nd up, live better. >> because long-term associates are being fired. >> because i'm tired of my store manager calling my fellow associates stupid. >> because they don't treat me like a human being. >> it's really hard when you hear these stories and what you know what you know about walmart to have any sympathy for the company at all. they do have more money than they need, and they treat their workers so poorly when it comes to the wages they pay them, the healthcare and the benefits that they don't give them. we're going to listen to a
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little bit of an abc report right now on walmart. >> the country's biggest retailer may be in for a black friday blackout. workers at 1,000 locations angry that the stores are opening at 7:00 a.m. on thanksgiving are planning to streak. in cities like chicago dallas, miami, milwaukee and los angeles it could happen as early as today. >> back with michael hastings with me all week and our own jr jackson. are you going to shop at a walmart? >> i was going to before--my boycott of walmart has been for a while. >> have you shop there had. >> that's a place where you get a chance to get things, you know the mantra. all the same things that you get with low prices. that doesn't affect me. what i need, i need this good price because that's what i
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have. it was a normal thing. until you find out more about it, then you became that one family member who said, who is selling you this stuff? then you have to explain the whole thing every time. >> tricia, when you see this stuff it's hard not to be enraged what they do to their workers and what they've they have done to the mom and pop stores. they've provided things at a lower price but is that price worth it? >> that's the connection that we need to be drawing that these very low prices drive down wages wages. that's really the whole context. not only does it create an completely uneven playing field but it completely drives down wages to unsustainable unliving wages. completely unlivable. >> i want to look at this. it's a media watch on walmart. i want to take a look at this, and then michael i want to ask you about it. >> a group of walmart workers are planning a walkout on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, black friday.
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>> you say they should be thankful for just having a job. >> well, exactly. >> steve unions putting their self interests ahead of shoppers in our economy. >> they're still angry they haven't organized walmart yet. no one forces people to work at walmart so it's serving customers. unions don't like the fact that they have not organized walmart. >> if they don't want to come in, don't come in, then walmart has a right to fire them. >> the point is times are tough. you have to work overtime. sometimes you have to work on holidays whether your you're the worker or the company. >> employees who are demanding higher pay more work hours and healthcare. >> you would think that walmart were exploiting their employees. but every time a walmart opens
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there are big big lines of people wanting to work there. >> that's right. >> i think it's the opposite of what they say they're getting paid double time and this is just an example of unions who are increasingly irrelevant in the private sector looking for attention on a day which they'll get it. >> very few are getting over time or double time. they're not even getting to work halftime or part time to avoid paying benefits, etc. the whole idea, michael it is worker exploitation. this is how unions were formed in the first place. how is it happening now? >> you have all these talking heads. their car service bill ayear is more than what the earthquake walmart person makes right now. $15,000 in these numbers. that was shocking. then there was the general trend in media coverage when there is a strike. if there is an airline strike what are the conditions of the airline workers, it's what
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flight of mine is canceled. i think the only way for people at walmart to raise their wages is to do something like this, to protest and put their lives at risk on these black fridays as well. >> which watched the clips right there. it's really about what the workers were saying at the top of this. what michael alluded to now. a full workweek is 34 hours at walmart. they're averaging $8.81 an hour. a full-on boycott of walmart has to happen in order to get them to change their mind. they're making money hand over fist. >> the amount of hours people have to do to accommodate everyone coming to the store. you're pitting people against each other. what needs to be in these types of situations, as the blame goes on people at the top are just sitting back and watching. >> if you're making $8.81 for 34
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hours a week and full time employee that's 15,500. >> which is below the poverty line. >> which entitles you to food stamp. the same that these fools in this walmart mashup are blaming the workers. >> it's not that they're blaming the workers but it's an aggressive anti-human being statement. well people are lining up for these jobs. just fire them. mistreat as low as possible and expect people to get away with it. they do do it by seeing ourselves as consumers first not as workers or people, and by demonizing the unions that help organize individual work. >> it continues and continues to the snack cake aisle because hostess may be rescued. let's hear the latest. >> the final nail in the cream-filled coffin, a bitter
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strike by factory workers that ended in a stalemate last week. >> you know, there is a judge's order of mediation that will happen tomorrow. there is hope for the twinkie. the final nail in the cream-filled coffin. that was beautiful. >> but a bitter nationwide strike like some how they're responsible for that. >> i didn't hear it because was in the cream-filled coffin right there. if hostess gets rescued i a lot of us thought it would. we sort of mourned its passage out of no sir sal nostalgia but if its rescued is there any chance it will be on the backs of the workers. >> i'm sure there will be a flashback to 2012 bain-type situation where the jobs are shipped overseas. you could see some corporation that cares about its employees take over and try to use it some
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kind of green or spit balling here guys. >> that's the thing. you don't know exactly what is going to happen. i'll let you have the last word on hostess knowing your eating habits. >> i'm not big on pastries. i noticed the shelves were empty the day after they were saying that, but i wasn't going to buy it any way. if its blaming the workers of hostess, the strike destroyed hostess, now you're not going to have the cupcakes any more. it's starting up the fear and losing things like your holidays. i like going to store on thanksgiving. >> but you don't think about the people who work there not making double time. when we come back on "the young turks," we're going to go back to the military and talk to you about the invisible war still happening on military bases.
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>> is it a joke to you? he said, what could you mean. you're the third girl to report rape this week. you guys all in cahoots? you think it's a game? i want the people who watch our show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods. and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance. that's allstate's stand.
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speaks to some of the issues that we spoke about earlier in the show about the chain of command and the respect and obedience involved in the military. the invisible war is a powerful documentary that talks in great detail about that. here are some excerpts from that film. >> if a man gets accused of rape, it's a setup. the woman is lying. >> i could choose to report it, but if they found what i was possible saying was not truthful i could be reduced in rank. >> you could lose your rank, so do you want to file a report? >> with the rape kit and everything and my friend catching him raping me, they didn't believe me. >> you know, we're back now, of course michael jr, tricia, and joined by attorney susan burke
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who is intimately involved in issues like this. thank you for being with us. the under reporting of these things is astonishing. the department of defense survey shows us that sexual assaults are extremely under reported, only about 20% of rapes are reported. it's easy to sit here and attribute that to fear, but what is being done, first ever all am i right susan and what is being done to change that as we speak? >> yes, you are right. there is dramatic under reporting. when you report a rape, the odds of the perpetrator being convicted are dismal. the conviction rates are less than 10%. many rational people seeing that the perpetrator will not be jailed choose not to. there is rampant retaliation. the military has not made efforts to make sure that those people who have come forward are not harassed and retaliated
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against. we spoke to one young person from the air force. she reports the rape, and then the next day all over the community neighborhoods are our flyer with her phone number saying call this woman for a good time. she received weeks of lewd phone calls all in retaliation for reporting the rape. >> to me this is astonishing the sheer numbers of it. this graphic is showing 3,190 sex assault cases were reported. is this just part of the old boys network? is that why this exists? i've been in fraternities and hockey teams and groups of guys. the idea that this--not only that this would not be reported but parodied this way i can't imagine. >> the reality of the culture is
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one factor. the truth is sexual predators tend to go repeat offenders. if they're not caught and put in jail they have on average 300 victims. when you have this completely dysfunctional system where they're not properly prosecuting and they're not putting people in jail you have a huge embedded sexual redder problem. they continue to engage in this myth that it's only enlisted people that it's not also not part of the ranks of leadership. that's simply not the case. there are many sex you'll predator who is have earned high levels in our service. >> i know tricia has a question for you as well. >> i was wondering about the military context. under reporting is a big deal outside of the military, but it's a higher percentage of
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people under reporting. in the military it's only 20% reporting. how might you account for the gap in the context of military culture? >> well, there is a lot of coercive elements to the military culture. a victim cannot engage in the type of self help that a civilian victim could. they're forced to remain in close proximity to their rapist. in addition there is limited or no pretrial attention of rapists. what happens is when you put those things together you increase the fear factor. we've unfortunately seen cases in which somebody reports there is one poor young woman who was murdered by her rapist. when you have a system that does not have accountability and let so many rapists roam free in the population they'll have high levels of fear for their physical safety but their
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military prospects. >> two questions first, do you think the power between a general and low ranking officer as you saw in the general petraeus affair is any way relateed to the issues you're talking to. and when a young woman comes to you and says, i want to join the military, what do you tell them. >> on the first issue what you said earlier in the program of how our culture mythologizes the generals, and the way they spend so much time and energy trying to spin everything those are significant factors that play out in the sexual predation epidemic. therethey are just sweeping it under the rug. in terms of people coming to me today, i really try not to give them anything other than the facts. the reality is that there are
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many women who are warriors, and they want to serve they want do their part in protecting the nation. certainly i don't feel free to stand in their way but they do need to be armed with information. they do need to know. this is what i tell them. if you do serve and you are raped, don't report it to the military police. report it to the civilian police. >> thank you very much for reporting this to us and for amplifying this very serious issue. when we come back on the young turks, the former governor of alabama is in prison now but his daughter is with us in studio with a plea to the president. >> are you better with a lame duck president obama or better off as president obama as president obama. >> i'm better off with president obamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamam
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>> once the most successful democrat in alabama. he claims his prosecution by the u.s. department of justice was influenced by the president's former political adviser, karl rove. >> what we need is karl rove to get himself over to the judiciary committee and put his hand on the bible and take an oath and give testimony and he can either tell the truth or take the fifth either one will satisfy me. >> now in prison serving 6.5 year prison essentially on an
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bribery scandal. the bribe $500,000 to an initiative that he wanted to create a state lottery that was a quid pro quo to get him on an hospital board. he had already served on the hospital board wanted off the board, did it as a favor and the lottery never happened. it's a crime that he sits in there right now but this is a story we've been covering for a while. michael tricia, jayar we also have don siegal man's daughter. we've been considering this covering this. where does your dad stand today. >> he has served ten months already. i just want--i want to reiterate basically what he said. there was no pro quid pro quo.
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he was accused of an implied quid pro quo which means an inferred prescribed. we have judges who own companies benefits from the war in iraq and afghanistan. their personal companies this one was doss aviation. it refueled planes. he was awarded a defense contract from the bush administration. and then sold the company under obama. but my father goes to prison for trying to get an education lottery in the state of alabama. >> you're someone who cares about civil rights and justice very very deeply. when you hear a story like this, what comes to mind? what other associations do you have? >> well, the first thing is that
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we think of political prisoners often in the u.s. in certain types of ways, but this is a fundamental threat not only to your family, but really to the entire united states political system. it's a fundamental threat to democracy that people can just be thrown in jail pretty much willy-nilly and the enormous profits can go on without challenge. it's a very dangerous thing but it's not brand new. we should not be surprised but we should be outraged. >> dana, president obama was just re-elected. good news for the country as your father said to me, but potentially good news for your dad. what's going on right now. tell us about your petition and how your dad could get released from prison. >> i'm trying to educate people about this. i started a petition at www. /par done/par done
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don. i want people to say they not only know about this case but i want them to sign their name. there is power to their voice. whether we take to the streets or not the fact that we know about it is threatening the regime. it's threatening the status quo. >> this is not a president who has pardoned a lot of people, but i feel in my gut that he's going to pay attention to this now that he's re-elected and he doesn't have political currency to lean on. >> that's what i was wondering. was it hard to keep the story going when we talked about it before, it would fly under the radar once there was something else to talk about. i'm sure it's an every day battle for you to keep it alive. is it going to get easier now? >> five years ago it was pulling
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teeth to tell people what happened with my dad. i had to go through educating myself. i had to learn the facts. i even questioned whether he was innocent, because you know good men make mistakes. i wanted to know what happened, and i wanted to know why he maintained his innocency. we carry this idea that the courts would right this wrong. so did we. five years later they haven't and people seem to get it now. i don't know if it's because we're more educated or the alternative press that is changing the way we educate ourselves, but what for whatever reason people really get it today, and i'm grateful for that. >> and dana, we're grateful to have you here with us. u we wisisou god's's spepe, , happy, if you can thanksgiving. maybe alabama will secede and that will make it all go away. there is that hope.
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when we come back on the "the young turks," we've got the elbow of the day. (vo)answer: pour disaronno into a flute glass and top with prosecco. brought to you by disaronno. be originale.
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(vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, comedian david steinberg joins me. after a hundred and forty times on the tonight show, i think he owes me a few visits. >> you know there, was one really ridiculous player in the elections, michael and trish and that was dick morris. this is his major prediction of how the election would turn out.
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>> it's going to be, well, you can call it a landslide or not but 325-223 is pretty landsliding in my view. >> okay, that was a foolish and ridiculous prediction. he lost. he's allowed to make a bad prediction. he's a journalist, an analyst. let's listen to her justify it. >> i hope people aren't mad about it. i spoke what i believed, and i think that there was a period of time when the romney campaign was falling apart. nobody thought there was a chance of victory and i felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what i said. at the time that i said it i believe that i was right. >> he said that fox news, he said this last week, does not have an agenda. if they don't have an agenda they should not have people like that on air saying they have an agenda. they should fire dick morris. the elbow of the day on dick morris. look at me, deliv
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